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Interviewing daycares, part 3

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What a week!  And a busy, deliberative, weekend to boot.  I saw Chains B and C, and wrapped up my willingness to see more because honestly, it’s information overload.

Chain B was amazing.  It was not the cheapest chain I looked at, but it wasn’t the most expensive.  I knew the location and it’s relatively easy to get to from our home and my commute to work, and it’s close to home.  I was going in with a favorable impression because this chain responded quickly to any emails I sent and I liked their communication style; that might seem silly, but I can’t stress how important it is to me that I feel comfortable knowing I’ll get any information I need or want quickly, efficiently and succinctly.  The facility was clean, the classes had a wonderful mix of diversity, and they even had an R.N. on staff (though not employed as a nurse).  I really liked this place, left with a great feeling, and knew it was my top choice.  It just felt right.  Every other place I’d left, I left frustrated; here, I left ebullient.

Chain C was the cheapest chain.  I don’t want to make it sound like the chain was bad, because that’s not the case.  It was decent, with less diversity but competent instructors and nice facilities.  It was further away, so that was a downside.  Their communication was poor, and overall it reminded me of oatmeal – good, but bland and forgettable.  There were nice parent testimonies as well, but after falling in love with Chain B, I couldn’t bring myself to commit to Chain  C.  Perhaps if I’d seen Chain C before Chain B I would have more things to say about it, but it just paled in comparison so nothing came away as noteworthy.

The only thing left is to sit down, crunch numbers, and make a decision.  Stay tuned for the outcome…

For those of you who have looked at infant (or any) daycare, what were your criteria?  How did you weigh the decision, and was it difficult or easy?

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