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Waiting for the call

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Do you ever feel like once you have a grasp on everything happening in your life, there’s always something new added, just to keep you off-balance?  I do, and it’s been happening more and more often.  I find this disturbing, probably because I struggle with wanting to control everything so my equilibrium doesn’t get thrown off.  Weird and counter-intuitive, I know.

But I was doing pretty well, handling all the pregnancy-related symptoms and stresses, until last Friday.  I was scheduled to have an ultrasound to see if my placenta was still low-lying.  I also took the one-hour glucose test while I was there.  The placenta had moved, so everything there is good.

Nothing is ever that easy.

On the ultrasound, the technician noticed there was something.  She and the doctor weren’t sure what, but they had a guess.  They ended up referring me to a high-risk practice for another ultrasound to confirm what they think.  The guess right now is that there is a fetal splenic cyst.  Being a librarian, the first thing I did was look through medical literature I have access to and see what has been published about the topic.  2 articles, total.  I’m guessing that makes it rare.

Now I’ve got nothing to do, but sit by my phone and wait for the referral office to call me to schedule the ultrasound.  My OB’s office said it would likely take place this week, so I’ve been nothing but anxious waiting for the call.  I want to get it scheduled and figure out what the problem is, and how we address it.  I’d also like to know so I can square everything away at work, but honestly?  I’ll take the first appointment they can get me.

Author: Torra

A librarian, dog owner, tea drinker, and lover of all things unusual and literary.

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