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More ultrasounds

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I suppose I should feel lucky that I get so many pictures from ultrasounds, since I’m now on number 5, for my dog to eat after they’re left on the counter.  But the flip-side is that they were all for issues.  I don’t know if women who say they wish they had more ultrasounds have thought this through.  More ultrasounds means they think there’s something wrong, or potentially wrong, and they want to keep an eye on it.  I don’t know many people who would take problems in exchange for more pictures, if they had the choice.

But I had my second in-depth ultrasound Friday to check on the fetal cyst.  Aside from receiving the jaw-dropping bill for the last one (clocking in at just under $675 AFTER insurance), it was a good experience all around.  The cyst is much smaller (by half!), and I don’t need to go in any longer for monitoring.  It’s such a relief; they will do an ultrasound after baby is born to check and see how it’s doing then, but it’s so “small as to be insignificant” at this point.

Bonus good news: baby is large for my due date, so it is now a bit sooner than before.  This means I get to be done sooner!  And leave work sooner, since that’s getting difficult to get up at 6:00 to go to everyday…

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