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I really do have faith in my husband


Apparently my husband is convinced I think he’s going to kill our child.

Not through neglect or anything, but just normal stuff.  Like the way he feeds our kid, or puts Baby in the car seat, will ultimately result in death.

This is not true.

I actually have quite a bit of faith in my husband, who I certainly don’t know any better than, but because I asked if he was going to get the car seat installation verified at the fire station, if he was uncomfortable with how he did it or wanted to make sure, this translates into “Honey, I believe that through negligence you will kill our child inadvertently.”  Please note that I also said if he were cool with how he had done it, I was too and trusted him to do it correctly.  I chose to get mine verified because I wasn’t, and thank goodness because I did it wrong.  But I’ll be the first to tell you my spatial reckoning is crap, and I couldn’t tell if the darn seat was level with the ground or if the curve of the seat was throwing me off (the only building level we have is too long to fit where it needed to, so I had to eyeball it).

Net result was my husband saying, “I need you to be ok with the fact I’m not going to kill our kid, ok?”

Why yes, I can see why you would need that.  I’m chalking it up to his nerves and the fact he doesn’t often express them because I’m the one who’s doing the mood swings, thankyouverymuch.

Author: Torra

A librarian, dog owner, tea drinker, and lover of all things unusual and literary.

2 thoughts on “I really do have faith in my husband

  1. Haha it’s hard to seem un-critical when you’re talking about something you’ve heard so many cautionary tales about…that you’ve never experienced! I went to FIVE fire stations to find someone to check my seat, and I did it wrong too! Once the baby comes and you know what things are true for YOUR child and not google’s child, you’ll all feel better and confident! Example: 5 billion people (my mother in law and sister in law) criticized me for letting my daughter drink her bottles laying down flat. They told me I was going to make her sick and give her ear infections. She’s a year old next month and guess what? No ear infections ever. Not even a cold. They’re resilient little things, they’re made to withstand our little mistakes or mishaps, and to survive their own accidents…Sometimes I wonder if god gave mine a built in helmet…she will bang her head SO hard against mine and not even wince, while I’m dying on the floor with my head injury.

    • Glad to know I’m not the only one defeated by car seats!

      I’m sure there are going to be so many things we both mess up or do “wrong” but I find myself wondering how much of that advice is…exaggerated. I know my parents weren’t as protective (paranoid?) as some people and I survived to maturity.

      For now, I’m just relying on common sense instead of absolute worst-case scenarios. I want to be able to enjoy these moments without worrying that everything isn’t 100% right according to experts that disagree with each other.

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