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I must be a terrible mother


You know all those moms out there, with the babies in outfits?  How when you go out, all the babies are looking cute in their onesies and pants and hats and all the other crap?

Mine doesn’t.  I don’t dress my baby in outfits.  Some days I barely dress him at all.

The whole truth is that for the first month of his life, he wore long-sleeve side snap shirts.  No pants, just shirts, because he would constantly vomit on himself and we needed to change his clothes 4 times a day and pants didn’t fit.  Now, all he wears are zip-up sleep and play coveralls.  No snaps here, because I don’t have time to deal with fastening them all.  No joke, I can’t be bothered with snaps because they take too much time.

I have only twice put my son in a onesie.  It’s too much effort to put it on over his head.  And pants still don’t fit him right, because he’s 23 inches long, and barely 11 pounds.

I keep telling myself once he’s older, like the next size up in clothes (3-6 months), I will dress him.  But today I realized that he is ready for that size, because he is long enough and the zip-up footies are getting too short.

Crap.  I mean well, and will try to start dressing him like a human.  But there are days where I can barely manage to get myself dressed, and knowing he’ll need to change outfits multiple times a day saps my will to live (with him in outfits, that is).

How do you collected and together moms manage to do this every day?  What am I missing here???


Author: Torra

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2 thoughts on “I must be a terrible mother

  1. HAH I would only dress Harper up for pictures!! We lived in those carter’s zip up sleepers- and she still sleeps in one every single night! The clothes are cuter when they get over 12 months too so I have her dressed more often now just because I have cuter things, and she doesn’t spit up anymore! And she’s wearing shoes now so shoes and a onesie look stupid if that’s all ya got on! 🙂

    • Bell, you’re a godsend! It’s so nice to know that I’m not the only one! Widget never fits in his clothes properly – he’s super long (24 inches) and skinny (11.8 pounds), so the only way to cover his legs is with the zip-ups – pants for 0-3 still don’t fit at the waist, and he’s in 3-6 length-wise. I can do rompers when it’s warmer, but for now I want him covered.

      It’s awesome that there’s a cut-off for the jammies all day routine I’ve been doing – I felt like I was somehow denying Widget the decency afforded to all humanity because I wasn’t getting him dressed. I’ll hold off on the guilt until he’s at least 9 months since your reason is entirely correct. 🙂

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