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A wrathful beast

I’ve become one of the most ill-tempered people around lately.  Not that my normal disposition was rosy to start with, mind you, so anything beyond the starting point is just taking something and making it worse.

But I can’t even chalk the mood up to mood swings – it’s not swinging, it’s pretty damn stationary, and it’s stuck on crappy.  I’m not sure it’s even as bad as I think (the answer is probably “yes!”) because all of the things that are currently getting under my skin are things that are minor but build up.  You know the type – explaining things 57 times to the same person, or having to argue with people who think policies don’t apply to them, or being put off by others’ bad moods or aggressive behavior.  There comes a point when all that just can’t roll off your back any longer, because the piles of things previously rolled-off are hip deep and the annoyance stays firmly where it is.  The net result is that I am now constantly in a state of irritation.

I should mention all these annoyances come from dealing with adults, not children.  In other words, people you expect to know better and from whom you have a right to expect common courtesy.  Then you get annoyed by the challenge of giving said courtesy when you seldom receive it, and your mood worsens because you feel unappreciated.  I made a flowchart.

A nice chart showing the downward spiral