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Pregnancy brain = Insanity brain?

For some reason, I slept incredibly poorly last night.  My best guess is that my husband and I kept each other up, and combined with the heat neither of us were able to fall asleep and stay that way.  So here I am, running on about 3.5 hours of sleep, and after working for almost 9 hours, you’d think a normal person would want to rest.  Instead, I chose to go get some groceries, make a chicken pot pie from scratch for dinner, and rearrange bits of our pantry, storage closet, and garage.

The most amusing part of that list of chores?  Not a single one actually needed done.  I wanted to make the chicken pot pie, so I went ahead and made it, plus I doubled the filling recipe so I have a nearly ready-bake meal.  I bought a pantry door organizer last week, so I wanted to make sure I got everything situated the way I wanted.  I knew I’d need more room in the storage closet for some baby paraphernalia like extra diapers, wipes, and things of that sort, so I decided to go ahead and make that room.  Before you ask, no, they can’t go in baby’s closet because the closet in the nursery has a table in it.  A play-table, really, but it’s on its side being stored there for when baby needs a bigger room, so no space for diapers, etc.

I’m probably over-estimating the amount of storage space I’ll need, but I’d rather be pleasantly surprised than harried and dismayed…

What did you do for storage for the baby items?